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  • insect_insight insect_insight Jan 23, 2013 7:33 PM Flag



    I received an email from a friend who heaped praise upon me for my 100% ACCURATE forecasts of this DYING MCP penny junk, that I have been SLAMMING continuously since it traded around 77 bucks --- and I've been a hero to all friends and relatives who took my advice many many moons ago to buy in the money MCP PUTS to the max.

    Now they wish to know what I advise....and I have LOWERED my rating on MCP from WORSE THAN A STRONG DUMP DUMP DUMP, like your life depends upon it!!!!

    Reason: once again, the slimy MCP management has gone to bed with the SHORTS (Morgan Stinkley), loaning them a huge slice of MCP stock--- and the sole rationale for a company obtaining LOANED stock is for purposes of SHORTING the target stock in question. Ergo, Morgan Stinkley will now SHORT SELL MCP into the toilet where it belongs, and they can cover that SHORT, safe in the knowledge that MCP will be loaning them a huge slice of stock soon.

    My near term target for MCP is 2.00 or less, NO later than end of April.....and at that point, there will be PANIC SELLING to the nth degree, and the stock will end up in the PINK SHEETS by May at the latest. At that point, SMARTER SHORTS (including Morgan Stinkley) will finally cover their SHORT plays.

    Now do my sweet MCP BAGHOLDERS understand why Goldmutt Sachs et al have been FALSELY PUMPING this MCP trash for ages now????? That is because they have been relentlessly encouraging small spec SUCKERS to buy this rotten MCP stock, not to mention the forever WORTHLESS MCP call options, solely in order to allow "The Boys" to RE-SHORT from higher price levels as Morgan Stinkley is now so obviously doing.. In case you haven't figured it out yet, every management that's ever worked at MCP penny junk ALWAYS worked for "The Boys" first, NEVER their naive shareholder BAGHOLDER DUPES. That's why there is ZERO logic or rationale to own a single share or a single call in this MCP penny junk puke...and when you recognize that FACT, you will join "The Boys" and short sell or PUT this sick MCP penny junk into the sewer, sooner than later.

    Frankly, if you still own a single call option in MCP penny junk or any other rare earth joke stock, you are genuinely a #$%$ of the highest degree since your MCP calls are already GUARANTEED to WIPE OUT WORTHLESS, that is not theoretical, that is INEVITABLE FACT. In fact, as I've demonstrated many times, the only LOGICAL derivatives positions to own in these DYING rare earths happens to be a combo of in the money PUTS, plus out of the money WRITTEN calls.

    Ladies, your MCP long positions are CERTAIN TO BE DESTROYED by the deceptive slime who work at Morgan Stinkley....."The Boys" control the entire stock market casino and ergo, they WIN most of the time, the retail specs lose most of the time). For example, Morgan Stinkley scumsters FALSELY touted Facebook upon its IPO....and now, when it finally makes sense (based upon its MEGA BULLISH TECHNICALS) to own both FB stock and in the money calls, "The Boys" have their media DISINFO shills knocking Facebook ...and "The Boys" have been using identical strategies at LinkedIn, where it never made sense to own it originally and but now finally makes sense to buy LNKD stock and in the money calls, to the max (again, based upon the MEGA BULLISH TECHNICALS).

    As I stated numerous times before (and many here dumbly mocked me)....

    Live and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!

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