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  • informedstockman informedstockman Jan 26, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Cannot not wait to the Close on Monday

    Anything less than $8.75 will be disappointing. $9.25 is the expectation. Put your Buy orders within 30 minutes of the open.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The volume friday bothers me also The shorts will argue continuation of the downtrend like at 31 and 12 etc The only difference now it becomes a value play or trap and The Huge Volume didn't occur the other times The last time I was in a stock with a huge spike in volume was when FCX bought MMR...I have no knowledge of anything ......just the VOLUME... I only have a small position
      long got burnt on this a bit still want to play the spikes and bounces

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Why? You have some information that the rest of us don't have to support your call of $8.75 to $9.25? Some secret chart interpretation?

      As I explained before:

      (1) On Feb. 8, 2012, Moly announced the lock-up expiration (feared to double the float). The price went from $55 to $45 (by 2/18/2011).
      (2) On June 9, 2011, Molycorp announced a secondary offering at $51. The share prices went from $62.68 (6/03/2011) to below $49 (6/17/2011).
      (3) On May 14, 2012, they announced a "third" offering. At that time, the share price was over $25. Four days later, it closed below $20.
      (4) On Aug. 16, 2012, they announced a "fourth" offering. It was then $12.06. Six days later, it was $9.64.
      (5) Thursday was the "fifth" offering. The price was around $8.80 the day prior.

      According to your conclusory, unsupported prediction, this fifth time will be different. Within three trading days, the stock will meet and surpass its price prior to the dilutive event.

      So, tell us all why this fifth occasion will be different from the prior four, or otherwise point out the flaws in my historical analysis.

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