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  • jderkack4 jderkack4 Mar 20, 2013 2:00 PM Flag

    Please for the love of God!!!!!!!!


    Insect_Insight……I ask you, for the love of God to stop posting on this message board. 98% of your posts are answered by yourself. No one wants to hear your #$%$ any more. How do you get any work done, when your time is consumed by posting ludicrous comments on MCP’s board?

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    • you do realize you can put all dimwits on ignore, to cut down on the moronic posts, right?

    • Don't know where these nut cases come from, APPL board is just as bad. Use your ignore button, it really does clean up the board. He does not work, he is probably 12 years old on mamas computer, or a 60s something alcoholic on mamas computer. So sad to see anyone going to this extreme to get attention, but he will get a net thrown around him someday and get the treatment he needs.

    • Finally, ladies, do NOT imagine that I unilaterally cause the MCP penny junk to drop in price. I am not so powerful, despite my obvious GENIUS.

      I am merely a MESSENGER OF TRUTH, and did NOT create the MEGA BUBBLES in rare earth, gold, and silver TRASH.

      but this message board NEEDS a MESSENGER OF TRUTH, as opposed to the superabundance of PHONY pumpsters, most of whom are no more than shills planted by slimy fundster and banksters, in particular JP Mutton and Morgan Stinkley, the two sleaziest companies in the world, for purposes of SCAMMING small spec morons into buying TONS OF WORTHLESS CALL OPTIONS in these rare earth doggies.

      Ladies, live and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!

    • Finally, why do you perceive my comments about stocks to be "ludicrous" when I am proven 100% CORRECT, over and over again, as per my warnings against ALL rare earths, golds, and silvers for almost two years now????



      Also, ladies, as for answering posts I created, it is another example of my allows the SMARTER headlines I create to remain on the message board instead of having a rejoinder post headline, contrived for pumping purposes, to supplant my own.

      Or haven't you figured that out yet????



    • Ladies, my interests are best served by rare earth stock prices equal to ONE penny a share or less.

      Not only in terms of PUTS, WRITTEN calls, and actual shorts ---but an even larger side bet with a "competitive intellect" who dared to wager a GENIUS like me and suggest that my theses about the DYING rare earths are not going to be proven CORRECT, again, same as ALWAYS.

      THAT will be an even sweeeeter VICTORY, ladies, because I love to make wagers with IDIOTS, and certified LOSERS, especially those who wear that inherited money ivy league she-male pedigree and have the audacity to imagine they know more about stocks than me. I don't care who your daddy is or which WORTHLESS ivy league univ you attended, I have yet to meet anybody on wall street who has even ONE percent the knowledge I have about how stocks REALLY trade, as opposed to the standard DISINFO NONSENSE purveyed by CNBCrapola and all the other big media DISINFO artists.

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