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  • determ_inate determ_inate Mar 20, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    insect_insight! I asked you to sell FB when FB was $32 in JAN; BUY MCP now.

    MCP will be back up to $12 this year and you will be able to get back loss from your FB longs
    You should feel lucky to buy MCP at this historical low price. Most of your friends and enemies bought MCP at $30 or more less than a year ago.

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    • You are truly a pathetic DESPERATE MCP penny junk BAGHOLDER.

      But your attempts to undermine my credibility based upon LONG TERM calls in FB, that are months away from expiration, simply are laughable, given that I've established myself to be THE SUPERIOR forecaster of all things rare earth, gold, and silver, not merely on this message board but quite possibly in the entire world.

      Ladies, as the stock market continues rising to new all time highs, week to week, month to month, it will INEVITABLY bring FB along with it.

      And how do I know that will happen WITHOUT DOUBT??

      Because "The Boys" on wall street are exactly imitating the markets of the late 90s once again.... and please note the similarities, as described by your intellectual SUPERIOR:

      1. Democrat president in office, perceived to be inept, but a proven obedient shill for "The Boys" on wall street (Clinton vs. Obamaha)
      2. Triple digit stocks controlled by "The Boys," perceived to be "bubbles," but trading upward most of the time, since the insties typically control 90% of the share float ( Ebay, Amazon, etc. vs. Priceline, Linkedin, etc.)
      3. Crashing gold and silver prices with resulting corporate bankruptcies (e.g. Royal Oak Gold, TVX Gold, Sunshine Mining vs. Jaguar, Great Basin, Barrick, Newmont, Goldcorp, etc)
      4. Crashing commodity currencies (e.g. Australia, Canada vs. Australia, Canada)
      5. Collusive walls street hedge fund raids on various currencies (e..g EURO) in order to force capital flight into USA and create support of USA bonds, real estate and stock markets.
      5. Continued decimation of most USA onshore industries and transfer of most USA manufacturing and/or mining to China and/or 3rd world countries "The Boys" on wall street line pockets at expense of USA autonomy and independence (e.g. steel, autos, consumer hard goods, etc. vs. computer hardware, rare earth materials!!!!! etc.)

      Ladies, live and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!!!!

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