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  • insect_insight insect_insight Mar 24, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    Most of MARCH & APRIL MCP calls (approx. 25,000) CERTAIN to expire WORTHLESS


    Sorry to break the bad news, ladies, and almost feel sorry for all my sweet little MCP cheerleader DUPES boohoohoo boohoohoo but on second thought..............NOT!!!!!


    Ladies, there is NO smart pro in the world who buys call options in penny junk stocks given that the stock is already priced as cheaply as a call option in the first place. Why assume the expiration risk of a call when the stock is already so CHEAP??? The SMARTER pros ONLY WRITE call options in penny junk, they NEVER NEVER NEVER buy them.

    Ladies, WRITING naked out of the money call options in MCP penny junk is as close to a RISK FREE money printing press as ever found in my entire life. Absolutely NO chance of this doggie regaining various higher price points, a TECHNICAL IMPOSSIBILITY, so you can WRITE them without a speck of fear you need deliver stock..

    Please do enjoy the INEVITABLE WIPE OUT of your MARCH & APRIL call options, I know I sure will!!!!

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