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  • insect_insight insect_insight May 2, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    MORE BAD news for rare earth FAILURES and SUCKERS


    Ladies, as I warned many times before, the ONLY times that these pathetic rotten sick rare earths ever rise is on those very RARE occasions when the dow or nasdaq are jumping through the roof. Even on such days, the percentage rise of the DYING rare earths is ALWAYS unimpressive.

    FACT: if it takes a soaring dow or nasdaq to raise rare earths even slightly, then IN REALITY, the rare earth SUCKERS are NOT gaining a single penny of REAL net worth relative to the SMARTER investor in mainstream dow or nasdaq stocks. In the best case scenario, the rare earth RETARDOS are standing still...or haven't my sweet little rare earth FAILURES not figured that out yet????



    Today's PHONY PUNY UNSUSTAINABLE burps in rare earths are created by the same old gang of manipulative fundster and banksters scumwaddds solely for DUPING rare earth RETARDOS into buying THOUSANDS more WORTHLESS call options....same old, same old!!!

    Ladies, as I have proven many times and learn from your intellectual and LEARN!

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