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  • mojosh75 mojosh75 Aug 12, 2013 3:34 AM Flag

    Simple FACT... "rare" earths are just NOT rare at all!

    there are an absolute abundance of "rares" that mcp has (as well as lyc). They dont have Dyp now that is truly a rare earth. Between mcp & lyc.... there's a glut of "rares" for the foreseeable future.

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    • Correct, they are everywhere, but very difficult to separate and distinguish. See PBS Nova 2012 documentary "Hunting the Elements" by David Pogue. Explains all about how the 15 rare earths work and why hard to distinguish: contrary to the more common empty outer electron shell, their inner electron shells are not filled and chemists find it harder to recognize the different ones.

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    • The line used by every no-nothing journalist who has written an article about MCP in the past 3 years. "Simple" at least is the right descriptive.

    • They DO make and sell dysprosium. They process dysprosium out of Silmet, I believe. Just look at their product list.

      Scarcity is irrelevant. Iron and copper are also quite abundant and are mined VERY profitably. Many things are profitable and abundant.

      Lynas produced 144 tons in the last quarter. They are not a threat to flood the market. Further, they have indicated they will support prices and won't sell production below their cost basis for full production.

      But since you have a basis to believe MCP will not succeed, you should short. Be sure to post everything you consider informative on this MB.

    • I'm certainly no expert, but I've owned MCP long enough to learn that no one claims them to be rare. My understanding is that it is difficult separating them from all the other elements they are found with. The PBS Special mentioned in an earlier post highlighted this fact with Molycorp's mine. Hundreds of tons of raw earth needs to be processed to yield tiny amounts of the ores. This is a very specialized and expensive process.

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