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  • rga1298 Dec 23, 2013 5:18 PM Flag

    Redtailed, cookie, they just write things in this board that are not only false,

    it does not even make sense. Just to prove my case, check how MCP have traded in the past year, or YTD, or the last 6 months or the last 3 months or the last month or in December. As you can check you will see that in all of those periods MCP has gone down. So if you were following their comments one year ago and you bought a year ago you will be sitting in a huge lose($9.50), if you bought in January now you will be sitting in a huge lose($10.00), if you bought 6 months ago the the result will be the same($5.50); how about 3 months ago same result($7.10); okay how about one month ago($4.67) made some profit(sell before it goes down again); how about if you bought at December-2 ($4.98). You see with fact(the truth). As you can see you/redtailed can not deny the fact. So I ask this question, based on the fact who is lying, you and Redtailed or I???, I know the answer is hard to say, but I am going to answer that for both of you I have been right and radtailed and cookie have been wrong.

    Good Lucks

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    • but that has nothing to do with the fact that mcp is a VERY important company in an EXTREMELY voltile and complex sector... Rare Earths are the future... End of discussion. Where MCP will be at? I have no clue.... But will buy till it goes bankrupt....

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      • rga1298 Dec 24, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

        @mikeywarka, you see, based on your comment above, you believe so strong on this company that you will keep buying until it goes bankrupt(I dont believe it will do so in 2014 or 2015), that you don't care about losing money, unless you have so much money that losing everything that you have put in MCP will not make a dent in your bank account, then your statement and your way of thinking is the same of Redtailed, Cookie and others. Let me give you a dose of reality, 1-)80 to 95% of this market is dominated by CHINA, INC., and no one, and I say no one can change that PERIOD 2-)MCP Mt Pass does not have the right combination of rare earth elements, to make it so important, just read and you will find out. 3-)Mgmt: what can I say that nobody already know(S-U-C-K) 4-)Technology: one of the best.

        As you can read from my post I dont dream/hope/wish and I dont invest with my heart, I invest with y brain and my money(not that much, so if I lose it, it really hurts)

        Good Lucks

      • If that's the case it will be a very dismal future. Fine, buy til they go bankrupt, but where will you be.

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