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  • tshih_90630 tshih_90630 Oct 13, 2010 9:47 AM Flag

    INTC earnings solid

    Should compare with LTCC ADI...

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    • tshih: you missed the point in my prior post: INTC sells into all computer related markets so their earnings and guidance give a very good view into how those markets performed last quarter and how they look in the next quarter. When INTC indicates that revenue grew in the enterprise sector (i.e. servers) and gives guidance for further growth in the next quarter, then it is reasonable to expect that a company focused on chips for servers (i.e. VLTR) will see similar results.

      Did you really not understand that obvious connection, or are you simply a short that contradicts every positive statement? (Note: that was a rhetorical question....but you may not understand that, either)