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  • terrylndn terrylndn Nov 3, 2009 10:34 AM Flag

    Another company....

    By the way, there's a car company in Canada, ZENN. Word had it months ago, that they were able to recharge their car batteries in minutes, not hours.

    I forget the name of the battery company the use, they're not a publicly traded company. You can find it on Zenn's web site, I think. But people were scoffing at the claim that they could get 200 miles and charge the battery in minutes. Turns out, that battery company got a big contract with Lockheed Martin, who forwarded them a few million dollars, so they were obviously onto something good.

    ECOS must then be the first publicly traded company with this technology, and I do know that ECOS has the patent on their design.

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    • OT - @chachmaggie

      I too think that nanotechnology is a highly relevant investment theme. I hold a position in Nanotech AG and think this one merits close attention.

      Stock symbol is in the US; main listing in Frankfurt: NNS.F

      The coming year should be something else. And much more longer term.

    • The Canadian EV car start-up Zenn Motors unfortunately had to stop auto production. To my knowledge they are now working as consultants to other car companies aiming to enter the EV space.

      The battery company they had pinned high hopes on was EEStor. Here are a few lines from a March article in Business Week:

      "Stealthy ultracapacitor startup EEStor, controversial for its bold claims and scanty evidence, has bigger dreams than being an also-ran with batteries. The company says it has developed something of a battery-ultracapacitor hybrid device that can store 10 times the power with one-tenth the weight and volume, at half the cost of lead-acid batteries. If EEStor delivers, it would, in short, turn mobile energy on its head."

      EEStor: where is the beef?

    • terrylndn,

      I could not find any US patents issued to Micro Bubble Technologies. Can you tell me their US patent numbers and/or PCT(WIPO) application numbers? Thanks.