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  • bobbellis bobbellis Mar 27, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    how many 'cancer cure' PR's has this POS put out?

    Kriegsman is slacking off ever since the REVERSE SPLIT

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    • Remember Ruvane E. Grossman? LOL!

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    • Whatever happened to that basketball player who "was cured" of cancer by a CYTR drug...this story appeared early last year. Nothing since...gee you have a cure for cancer and don't talk about it. How come? Oh, it was BS!

    • How many times has this company put out it has a cure from anything from , cancers, sore feet , balding , being over weight , old age , etc........???............How many times in the past has this company and its same C.E.O. said we are mergering , partnering up with , being brought out , over the last nine years.....???.....How many C.F.O.'SHAS KRINGSMANN GONE THREW IN THOSE NINE YEARS..... ( The number is 6 shareholders and all got the blame for all that went wrong with the company on there time here, ASK THE C.E.O. THE HEAD-BLAMER HERE....)....How many C.O.O.'S HAS THIS COMPANY HAD ...???... ( THE Number is 5 so we cant keep one for over two yrs is the avg ???, Funny aint it , if it wasnt so Sad..... )....yet the c.e.op. has not been replaced once by the shareholders....WHY IS THAT WHEN HE'S HAD TWO REVERSE - SPLITS ALREADY WITH ANOTHER ON THE WAY AS OF THIS MESSAGE IM TYPING YOU ALL TODAY............................ISNT IT TIME TO DUMP THIS GUY KRINGSMANN, BEFORE HE DIES AND LEAVES AS WITH NOTHING LEFT IN THE COMPANY ??? .............THE BAD NEWS WHEN IT COMES ( *** AND IT WILL , ILL PROMISE YOU THAT *** ) WILL BE QUICK AND WITHOUT ANY M.E.R.C.Y. FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS AGAIN..................YOU NOW HV BEEN WARNED............PROFIT OR LOSS GET OUT HERE NOW.........

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    • tommybelaysis Mar 28, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

      Just pull out some of the old PR's and post 'em! Incredible how many times this POS has changed it's business plan and storyline over the years!

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    • you charlie brown

      you want a ceo that doesnt keep investors up to date on company issues? you know how silly you look?

      im getting paid by my guy Kriegsman, loved that last quarter update.

      laughing at you Charlie Brown nay sayers.

      going back to 5!! i got all your cytr shares that you gave away, you bought high on external hype and you sold on the same silly hype. not on drug results, im laughing at you Charlie Browns all the way to the bank.

      i'd be blaming the source of where you got that "hot tip" to get into cytr when all that hype was going on, instead of our ceo.

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      • unu919 Mar 28, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

        Yes, the drug results are the only one type of factor need to be concerned for the stocks like cytr. Think about many factors, especially certain kind of "black swans", over the sky of other stocks, the stocks like cytr are always provide good opportunity for the investors. Now, I even think the people like Charlie Browns are actually buying in cytr instead of lost money on this stock. The difference between them and us is that they want other investors sell their good stock at a lower price, and they could buy more cheap shares. For cytr investors, holding or even buying more, should be the smart choice.

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