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  • drconman drconman Apr 8, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    Current Market cap = 70,000,000 shares x $1.42 = $98,000,000 !

    Holly Molly !
    Only $2 million in revenue.
    You must have balls of steel to hold thru next earning.

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    • Hey con man Doctor Dumb Ballz!

      I WANT TO SEE YOU PROVE PLSB HAS 70M SHARES OUTSTANDING!! Come on, it's easy enough to look up. PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

    • Dude this thing is going to wipe you through its #$%$ and throw you in a ditch....You can't possibly be serious I'm so done arguing with you dumb #$%$ .....I'm ready to shoot my face off ....LOL
      good luck loser short this Fukr and feel the pain....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to blackron44
      • Exactly why I don't visit this dumb & dumber comments yahoo site anymore.. You want short this stock, good for you, go step on your d..k some more-- Ive already tripled my grand kids education fund since I've been buying & pressing every time it dips downward.. People on here & including myself dont know anymore than Tobin Smith or any other so called expert.. A few times I've mentioned to the readers here, best person to call & check with are the actual beverage distributors in your state or city, they know the product & if the stores they deliver to are re ordering Cabana better than anyone.. That's what I did here in California & I even called a few of the other states.. Do you short seller bad mouth chmucks & doubters think that Safeway & what was announced today was a misprint of some kind? DUH!!! Go put your $$$$ in the bank & get your usual .15 % & quit being a dumb jerk.. The Walgreens in my area can't keep Cabana in stock, how do I know you ask? I asked the store mgr.. duh again.. PS, I'll be back in a few months to see if the weeds are gone yet?... lmao all the way to the bank..

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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