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  • db30373 db30373 Aug 7, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    Hello? Did anyone see that earnings came out yesterday?

    This is the only board I know of where earnings are released and not one comment on the board, Expect the stock to revisit the .80 level sometime this week. Still a ways to go before sales reach the annualized rate that management stated they would reach in 2013. There is an opportunity cost with this stock as stock movement is going the wrong way on this one. Expect more money to come out in the short term until institutional get involved which is still a ways off.

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    • bhuston77 Aug 8, 2013 9:10 PM Flag

      Money could rotate out into JSDA as they had a solid earnings release today.

    • " ... not one comment on the board."

      I thought about commenting but didn't have the time. Overall, everything looked pretty good to me. Remember: this company is running on one cylinder so-to-speak and that's Cabana Lemonade. Wait until the functional Pulse beverages hit the shelves. I wasn't really expecting any great revelations for Q2 except the continued expansion of the distribution system, an area in which they seem to be doing very well at this time. Will dig through the particulars & comment later.

    • db I couldn't disagree more. The numbers weren't that bad in fact they were really good I thought. Everybody fails to remember that it typically takes four to five years for a start up company to achieve one million in case sales. Even if it takes them to the end of the year to achieve that goal they are still far ahead of any other typical company in the sector. I do not believe we will see .80 cent range in fact I think we go higher from here. And as far as institutions buying the stock, go to IHUB and check the news on there sight. It appears that an institution is buying up shares of pulse.

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