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  • i_have_no_pulse i_have_no_pulse Dec 4, 2013 6:19 PM Flag

    JSDA .49, PLSB .448

    PLSB has further to fall - still overpriced.

    I see metrogaydave and blackron have left the stage - can't say it wasn't expected.

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    • LOL and why sideline sallies and day traders always lose cuz you don't know much about anything but sure talk a lot which is cheap...only missed about a 100% move since this post and it seems like you have run away like most blowhards after they are shown to be the fools they are..can't say it wasn't expected LOL

    • I support this company but I only had a place-holder position. I average up not down. I expect tax loss selling to provide a better entry price (that is why my posts never have a sentiment disclosure). The difference between us is that you and Baldy are douche-bags that spew drivel in an ignorant attempt to move the price of a stock down. Honest people who are smart don't have to resort to that. Have fun spooning with Baldy.

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      • My how your tone has changed. I guess PLSB took you for a real nice chunk of change on your "place-holder" position. What's even funnier is that your "experiment" with JSDA gave you a profit while PLSB didn't.

        "The difference between us is that you and Baldy are douche-bags that spew drivel in an ignorant attempt to move the price of a stock down."

        Absolutely not. I (and similarly baldy), have merely presented the facts with regard to the god-awful financials here, the fact that the sales and losses do not justify the market capitalization of this company, that this management team is suspect and doing nothing more than pulling the wool over neophyte investor (i.e. you, jane, and blackron) eyes. So, if you claim that is an ignorant attempt to move the price down, I think you are sorely mistaken.

        Now, you on the other hand, you are as much a pumper here as jane. You bombarded this board with your incredible insight into how distribution is the key, and fawned over the announcement of every new agreement and yet the shares are off an enormous amount from then and business stinks. You gobbled up the ridiculous numbers management fed you and twisted them in the best light you possibly could. Obviously people have come to see right through it.

        It's real interesting how you interpret my posts, yet think that your posts are "smart", "honest" and don't resort to pumping in an attempt to move the price of the shares higher - don't you think?

      • Amen Brother.......... I am still following the company but will look for a possible re-entry point when things look to get a little more stable... I still believe the company will outperform, just not yet... And by the way not only do you have_no_pulse.... YOU_HAVE_NO_CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!! FACT.....

    • Yes Baldy, we all know it's you. Ooo-o-o-oooo, you're SO clever at pretending to be other people!

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      • Crichton 314 I'am not a pumper or a short just a shareholder that believes in the company and their products, buying them all the time from the company and in stores, I'am not Baldy as you state...Do you even buy their products or just the stock, or do you just do your DD and think that's good...Look at my post before Christmas when I stated this is your gift take it, I cant make you buy anything, but it was common sence... end of tax selling, great products, good management ,better distribution a no brainer, it was going to pop...but I can tell you why would one buy even at the current price if they thought it was going down...This will be a great year for Pulse.

      • guess again blowhard.

    • #$%$ is your point!

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      • my point is that all you bozos kept pumping this dung and now the shares are off over $1/share.

        even so, there are still gullible folks here who actually believe the jive that management is spewing at them.

        where is metrogaydave and blackron telling everyone how sales are so great because of the great distribution? I assume blackron has sold to protect what little profit he still had. metrogaydave is just stupid - the share price proves it. and where's jane? no longer pacifying everyone about how this is such a great stock/company and she's going to be so wealthy. I guess she's taking her tax loss in 2013 and left.

        this company has absolutely nothing except the ability to put "Baxter originally developed this" in their advertising - as if anyone really gives two poops. It is weak, lame, and shows that this management team isn't very good at all. shareholders should be questioning statements made by management earlier this year. but, regardless, there were plenty of clues about how this would play out.

        if we value PLSB as it should be, shares would likely be trading somewhere in the 5 to 10 cents/share range.

        guess what you have to look forward to as the tax selling picks up over the next couple weeks.

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