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  • comffret comffret Jan 17, 2014 11:38 AM Flag

    Jane - do you know that ...

    [ PLSB has] "obtained listings and orders for Cabana™ 100% Natural Lemonade with certain key retail grocery, convenience and mass merchandiser accounts. These arrangements are terminable at any time by these retailers or us, and contain no minimum purchase commitments."

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    • Is the sky falling? You have to get shelf space and they have sure done a great job getting it. Have you tried their products? The distributors and retailers sure have - that's why they agreed to sell it. I have tried all the products. Their flavors are spot on to the fruits. I am personally impressed but that doesn't mean a whole lot unless distributors and retails like it and agree to put it on shelves.

      Bottom line: if the product sucked then it never would have made it to store shelves in the first place. Sure it has to sell but good products usually do.

    • Who is the "us" you mentioned in your post?

    • Everyone starts somewhere you think any other start up beverage company has golden promises , non-terminable agreements, and minimum purchase requirements, probably not because they will see how well this product can penetrate the beverage market. If sales are good, an I think they will be then they'll get all that. Like I said comffret everyone starts somewhere, let me know if I'm wrong?

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      • Tommy - Of course you are right with respect to "Everyone". Your reasoning is logical and you are polite..

        But, also consider that in May 2002, Baxter Healthcare introduced PULSE Water. In April 2003, Baxter's last production of Pulse was run. On August 27, 2004, PULSE was sold to an affiliate of what is now, PLSB. Yates and associates were involved with PULSE long before and after.

        So, you see, PULSE is not a "start". It started 12 years ago.
        Don't you think 12 years is long time?

        Perhaps you have more info that what is publicly available. But, all I have found is that::
        1. PLCB very badly missed the forecasts they gave to their paid-for analysts to publish to attract buyers.
        2. The only "positive" news hasbeen the distribution agreements which people seem to have translated into sales. Yet, when asked directly about the terms of those agreements, PLSB has not responded. Nor, has anybody on this board.
        3. I have been unable to find a patent. Have you? If not, why would the big guys buy PLSB, when all they need do is duplicate the formulas. Since it has been advertised or promoted for 10 years, the brand name hasn't much value. And, PLSB doesn't have the resources to mount a big campaign unless they raise more money.

        Actually, I thought that PLSB could be a successful speculation but, not at these prices.

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