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  • ilovepelosi ilovepelosi Jan 23, 2013 8:12 PM Flag

    Market Up Up Up --- MBLX Beginning the March to the Bottom

    Recent trend is not your friend. Every day that passes, the less meaningful the insider buying will become. With no new customers to announce and another quarter of cash burn, this stock may soon again begin the march to the bottom. If it closes below $1.50, watch out below!

    Perhaps Eno will announce that another company is going to begin to market their products, or that another company has signed a letter of intent to evaluate feasibility of manufacturing their products, or that they narrowed their long list of potential European customers down to the top 100, or that they are in discussions with multi billion dollar international companies to partner with, blah blah blah blah blah

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    • ilove - if you are not short and you are this confident, why not establish a short position?
      and if you actually are short but are hiding this... why hide it? It would definitely discourage me more, as a long investor, to see a stock where the message board was crawling with honestly open shorts explaining their reason and establishing credibility with their short calls. The stock has been going down for a while, and you have said it should continue to go down. So.. that's almost enough to give you some cred. The one thing that makes no sense in your story is why you post here so much yet have no skin in the game. Obviously you don't have a long position since your sentiment is strong sell. Get some skin in the game - put your money where your mouth is. Short it! Or, open up.

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      • Yawn. I've already put plenty of my money where my mouth is. Lost a fortune on this stock. Trying to help suckers like you from losing all your money. This stock is a proven loser. I still watch stock hoping one day it will end up being the game changing product I once thought it was.

        I'm on sidelines, but will be back in if significant customer materializes. I'd like to get my money back one day. Either technology isn't as advertised, or Eno and board are completely incompetent. I think it's both.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Ilo, you are playing a very typical and frankly boring game of short and distort and your reply to my post is quite typical of your inability to acknowledge that there’s more to the Metabolix story then the little short sided campaign that you are waging.

      To take one line from my post, show it out of context and then call my comments "stupid" shows how insecure you are with your short position.

      The following shows the context for those comments; it refers to the ADM/Metabolix partnership:

      “The problem with that partnership is that neither side was going to make money once they decide to build a huge facility and incurred so much debt; the breakup solved that problem. After the breakup ADM was able to write off a $430 million dollar loss and then immediately find a customer for the facility. After the breakup Metabolix was completely released from their share of that $430 million deficit, given their share of recent product sales and given rights to all of their patents and licenses so they could go out and find a new partner (one that didn’t need to build a fermentation facility from the ground up). The breakup was really a win-win for both companies even though it doesn’t look that way with Metabolix’s stock price. It would not surprise me if ADM helped Metabolix to find Antibioticos, gave them letters of reference and even initiated the introduction. The breakup here was really quit clean and left Metabolix in a great position to begin anew while leaving ADM in a great position to start something new too.”

      One year after the breakup with ADM, Metabolix is still a company with very little debt, close to $40 Million in the bank and is working with a company that has a long history of success. That's not bad for a company that could have gone under after losing such a big partnership. The turnaround clock is ticking and if they don't show lots of progress this year then investors will have reason to worry; for now we're all in a wait and see position. By the way, recent insider purchasing activity does suggest that the future is much brighter than you're expecting.

      See you at $2 and Beyond!

      Perhaps much sooner than you expect :)

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    • Ilovepelosi is a SHORTER. His posts are typical of “Short And Distort Campaign, Fighting The Ridiculous Rumors”

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      • Some of the pelosi types are clowns that are kind of funny sometimes, they post on all days when stocks close in the red and use crass language and put LMFAO at the end of everything- gives me a laugh sometimes. Pelosi not so funny but whatever.. what annoys me more is the 'good time to wait' spam that all those bots keep replying to.
        I'm not so worried about the recent price decline because there hasn't been any news and shorts are just piling in. All that gets undone in a second as soon as there's news cause they get majorly squeezed. That is to say I definitely will hold this stock till the next inevitable short squeeze, whenever that is. Major shorting on this stock. Of course if there were some horrible news, I'd cut my losses. But today's 4% for me is meh.. whatever. It's all about a headline here.

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      • Here we go again. Down down down, like a burning ring of fire. Stock heading lower now that $1.50 support level broken.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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