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  • bzap2013 bzap2013 Jan 24, 2013 7:01 AM Flag

    Information for the new guy

    I can’t really tell if the guy who loves pelo is part of the short and distort campaign or someone who got burned a long time ago and just-won’t-give-it-up. I highly suspect that he is part of an s&d campaign but it is possible that he simply snapped due to prior loss and now the only joy he gets is in trying to pelo on new investors. If his beef is with the company you’d think that he’d take it up with them rather than spend day after day doing his pelo bit here.

    What is clear is that the company has a poor track record of landing new clients, but I suspect that much of that had to do with pricing and cost of manufacturing Mirel. The Metabolix / ADM partnership built a “very large facility” in order to manufacture product and the price of Mirel suffered partially because of it. Since then Metabolix and ADM have split and ADM is the sole owner of the 400 Million Dollar facility that both built. Our misinformed pelo thinks that all of that money went into Metabolix and that ADM walked away with a 400 Million Dollar loss but in reality ADM used it as a 400 Million Dollar write off and then almost immediately leased out the facility that the Mirel partnership built (on ADM land). That was hardly a loss for ADM but pelo would love you to believe it was.

    This year Metabolix is working with Antibioticos and things are very different from when they worked with ADM. The Antibioticos facility was built long ago so Metabolix did not have to help them build a new facility from the ground up; instead they are integrating part of their FAST technology into Antibioticos with the expectation of completing the integration early this year. In addition to Mirel they have also developed two specialty products that could perform very well for them. The first is a product that enhances the physical attributes of PVC which is a material that is used worldwide in almost all construction projects (a fairly large market by most standards). The second is a derivation of other products that they’d developed; it is a “compostable film” that can be used to create single-use bags for the retail market (another fairly large market by most standards).

    This company currently has a very interesting combination of products, cash, patents and research that could turn into a boat load of money for investors. There is a possibility that if they aren’t able to capitalize from their assets within the next two years then they will need to sell or worse, but that isn’t an issue right now even though the short & distort campaign would like you to believe it is.

    There are good reasons why Antibioticos would work with Metabolix, there are good reasons why Kenmare would decide to work with Matabolix and there are good reasons why institutions continue to give grant money to Metabolix… They all see potential here and want to be part of it.

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