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  • breakingoutin2013 breakingoutin2013 Feb 14, 2013 12:20 PM Flag

    Que Pasa?

    Testimonies of Metabolix longs:

    I had $250k to invest and set my target at $1.30 then lowered my target to $1.18 when it dropped to the high 30’s
    DOH!!!! This is truly a pos, management sucks, what a piece of carp!

    I bought in the high 30’s but sold at $1.52 after making some very nice short term profits
    DOH!!! The price has gone up every day since. Oh well, at least I made 10%

    I’ve been dollar cost averaging on the way down, the price has finally reached my average
    DOH!!!! Last week I was thinking of buying more but someone told me that we have 300k more shorts
    DOH!!!! I should have done my own math, apparently that person was waaaay off

    I’ve watched this stock forever and plan to hold forever
    It is going to change the way the world looks at plastics
    It is important to the health of the world
    DOH!!!! Why didn’t I buy more in the 30’s ???

    I sure the heck hope that the current run isn’t a sign that they’re about to be bought out. This silly POS has the potential for nearly unlimited upside once the world catches on to what they have to offer.

    I’m looking forward to a lot more DOH!!!

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    • It’s funny, when you watch a stock as closely as many of us do it’s always tough to imagine “what’s up”, especially when you see it start to run. Did the environment study finish and get published in Europe? Is someone making an offer for the company and word has leaked out? Shouldn’t Eno be speaking up?

      In reality is could be much simpler than that. In December we were told about new products that are shipping and a major firm that will be promoting one of those products "starting in 2013"… It is possible that marketing materials have finally been created and that Kenmare has finally started introducing Metabolix products to Europe… As new customers begin to learn about everything they have to offer, the buzz begins to build, the good news begins to grow and early European investors come on board… Then again, it could just be the drones and computers manipulating the price again in order to give our shorts better and better entry points :)

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