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  • to200andbeyond to200andbeyond Apr 18, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    Trading very close to book value

    Cash at the end of the last quarter was $46.3 million and the company still had no debt, hundreds of patents (nearly 700), several licenses and a few grants (helping to pay for continued research)… The current price is near book for the cash alone; giving zero or little value to the rest. It would be nice to see them trade at a premium again, but this company doesn’t really deserve a premium until they can either A) begin manufacturing their own product or B) sell significant quantities of existing products. The products that they announced at the end of Q4 could turn out to be their big sellers, but I’m not expecting much unless we see several press announcements (similar yet grander than the announcement about Ball Horticulture on April 23 of 2012).

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    • Are mutual funds liquidating?

    • ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬We are selling at a premium: $46,000,000/35,000,000 shares equals a $.10 premium. At 35,000,000 shares, that 10 cents equals $3,500,000. The figure would probably be some $2.5 million larger if our ivy league educated educator managers hadn’t invested in this semi socialistic BRIC country’s debt ridden factory.
      $242,000,000 spent over the past 20+ years and we have nothing to show for it.
      For GOD’s sake, how embarrassing.

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      • Add another $400 million that ADM invested in this POS company and it's incredible that MBLX can only generate around $5 million in annual revenue. Check out the Analyst Estimates for revenue and EPS next year. The projections are actually getting WORSE, not better. The analysts who cover this stock and talk to the management team know there are no significant customers or products in near future. MBLX will be out of cash in about 1 year status quo. They must be desperate on what to do. Desperate people do desperate things. Current shareholders are going to get hosed - in my opinion. Hard to believe this stock was over $20, and that Eno is still running the company.

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      • Preliminary additions and deletions to the Russell Index aren't announced until June 14th. This could be the heavy seller, idk. There has to be a way to know who it is.

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