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  • jeff.blizz jeff.blizz Apr 19, 2013 1:10 PM Flag

    Monday could bring in good news


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    • Looks like good news after all, new orders for non (non AntiB traditional materials ) that would keep the factory busy.
      Link :Antibiotics employees protest today at factory gates

      Antibiotics workers today carry the factory gate at the site of protests Onzonilla the situation where the company is located, and a preconcurso stop creditor. Workers have submitted a written request to the property that appropriate explanations of all workers on the future of the company.

      The workers are waiting for the meeting of high-level Antibiotics president, Danielle Pucci and the Minister of Economy, Tomás Villanueva, taking place today in Valladolid.

      The 190 workers who are currently a Temporary Redundancy Employment (ERE) in Antibiotics again on May 15 at their positions without the company, which currently stands, has renewed the projects that can give your workload personal

      The committee chairman, José Ignacio Ronda, said yesterday that the incorporation of workers, after a year of ERE, coincides with the completion of term and the start preconcurso bankruptcy if the company does not take any decision other before that date.

      What it does is clear the council is that antibiotics have orders that make it viable and Pucci ask to take them out or apart. "He has orders to produce traditional products and new products. There are orders to do what we've done all my life and productions that have nothing to do with antibiotics. "

    • Could someone translate the last sentence please?
      El lunes, tras la concentración, el comité decidirá nuevas movilizaciones, en espera del resultado de la reunión de Villanueva con Pucci.
      Google translate says "on Monday, after the merger, ..."

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