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  • jeff.blizz jeff.blizz Apr 27, 2013 9:56 AM Flag


    special attention should be made to the last 6 lines in the article
    Antibiotics address, with the president Danielle Pucci as the prime example, "reaffirms its commitment to ensure the future of the factory Leon," while still not paid their workers. Pucci owe ya, payroll and bonus payments between six wages to nearly 300 employees of Antibiotics.

    Nevertheless insists that the plant has a future, "acknowledged by the Junta de Castilla y León and the council," and says that it "has planted and matured its new business plan" of which reads the statement as posted at 18.51 pm yesterday, through an unidentified email, "it's time to reap the rewards of both personal and financial effort made by the property and workers who supported it."

    Of course, nothing is clarified in writing of what that business plan for the future and what their basic lines. The press release itself out to the passage of the negotiation of the Board for refloating Gadea Group Antibiotics, advanced by JOURNAL OF LEON. And he did it to try to deny it, something no one else or the Ministry of Economy and companies have made.

    "References to the talks between Mr. Pucci and Mr. Villanueva, as they appear in the media, do not conform to reality and therefore the company denies its content in its entirety," says the letter, in the also shown "amazement and perplexity" to what they called 'hypothetical' advanced negotiations' that would be carried out by third parties outside the property. "

    A reflection that antibiotics direction gives foot to make it clear in the document sent to the media that these "hypothetical" negotiations Board is making them "without the knowledge or consent" of the property.

    On debt that keeps Antibiotics and as forward this newspaper, said Tomas Villanueva himself is the main obstacle to negotiate the sale, the notice does not deny, though not much is clear.

    The note merely clarifies that "keeping the company debt is perfectly manageable within the business plan of the comp

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    • Doesn't it strike you as depressing that MBLX investors have become so desperate and expectations are so low that they constantly monitor foreign press reports to determine if a bankrupt company might one day be able to manufacture MBLX products? Doesn't that just scream that Eno and his two bit management team are at the end of their rope? Why doesn't Eno just announce another partnership in Italy where all of the purported demand is? Why not Germany? Why can't he find another manufacturer in Europe?

      Perhaps ADM really does know something that you don't. They wrote off $400 million of their investment because they concluded the product was a POS. There's a reason why this company only has less than $5 million of annual revenue and is burning around $6 - $7 million of cash each quarter - despite over $600 million invested in trying to commercialize their "game changing" technology past few years.

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      • what is really depressing is to see how you turned from a once inspiring poster into a desperate short who lost much money as a long and is about to lose whatever is left as a short, you really do not need to stick around if you think little of this company, I agree with everything you say about Eno, he should have been fired a long time ago (if only for the lack of transparency with us the investors), but MBLX is viable and will do well, this technology is a game changer, and I and many others on this board will remind you of this fact hopefully soon,

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