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  • ledup111 ledup111 Apr 30, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    For those that may have missed this

    The workers have reiterated Friday that antibiotics is a company with future as evidenced by the company has raised interest in three companies Leon, confirmed the Castile and Leon, have shown interest in acquiring chemical company, among which would be Leon Gadea pharmaceutical Group Biopharma.

    Intentions were unaware workers since the Junta de Castilla y León has never taken the name of the companies. However, the council president, José Ignacio Ronda, has urged Gadea, if there is such interest, to contact management to find a solution "and".

    A company, however, also have found an important brake on debt held Antibiotics that from the unknown but council has warned that the Board is "high debt that is becoming the impediment to finding a solution about before" .

    Notwithstanding and pending negotiations progress Pucci and give way to a new company that actually bet on Antibiotics, workers remember what the company is the only important thing is to keep the workload and jobs.

    So, remember that the cornerstone of Antibiotics is fermentation so antibiotics could also could also ferment alcohols or biodiesel. "The important thing is to come a company with a project so that, after reaching an agreement with the owners, the resumption of traditional production lines or launch new products that will be welcome," said Ronda, who insist on the urgent need to find a solution to the plight of Antibiotics.

    Wacker, Metabolix........Now Gadea (peniciillin side)....surprise entrance!
    This would fill plant production.

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    • Come on man, keep on pumping this POS. They will soon announce that they have delayed non-existent earnings once again. Then the pumpers will say that if the stock doesn't fall after it has been pumped when they have delayed earnings, then it's a buy. Yeah, right. All new investors will be lose all their money, soon afterwards. More investors will be trapped, becoming long-term losers. The problem is, their product is very very expensive to manufacture and will NEVER be economically feasible and they know that. They have never and will never make any money on any of their snake oil deals. That is why they have to sell tons of stock at insider inflated prices and list government grants as revenue. If you google their last address, listed on all the old pumper websites, google earth takes you straight to a couple of porta potty cans. That's right where your money went. Lining insider pockets. Eno will have to leave soon. I am waiting for that announcement. Hill will probably leave soon after that.

    • I have noticed an excess of SEC-generated letters to Mr. Joseph D. Hill regarding the past company financial statements and they are about to report earnings again in a few days. I wonder if Hill is going to risk cooking the books again this time with the Sec watching him so closely. Search for form "UPLOAD" and read all the Sec letters to Hill for yourself.

    • More!

      The news that the Board uses to save Gadea Antibiotics, in an operation in which multinationals would also Metabolix and Wacker, was welcomed and almost with satisfaction of Antibiotics workers. But he also appealed for caution.
      The council president, José Ignacio Ronda, who yesterday did not attend the meeting with the Ministry of Economy in Valladolid called Gadea Group to "act now if you really are interested in Antibiotics'

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