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  • at_last_at_last at_last_at_last May 3, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    Slow week on the boards

    Come on ilove, time for you to come back and shake things up! No new news but the stock has gone up in spite of that??? The company hasn't released a useful press release in... "like forever" and the CEO says stuff like "As has been documented in the press, Antibioticos is undergoing a financial restructuring in order to grow the site and ensure long-term strength." (See the last quarterly report transcript. ;-))

    ROFL, never once was that documented in the American press and Eno knows it! He expects all of his shareholders to filter through the Spanish press, translate and determine what applies to Metabolix. Sorry but I found that pathetic and I am surprised someone did not call him on that.

    Eno!!! You and your company need a blog so you can share what you know without expecting shareholders to learn Spanish!!!!

    The company is being extra careful and in doing so they are keeping many shareholders in the dark. Most companies release press about "new sales" and some even get quotes from their customers. The last good quote I read here was several years ago when a Rubbermaid manager went on and on about how great meril is and how easy was to setup an injection molding process for it (going on to point out that it even requires less energy to transform).

    Eno, do you have customers? How is that new PVC product line doing? What's up with manufacturing? Is Antibioticos going to work out or have you found another plan to add to your partner list? Are you just burning money waiting for the Spanish government to right things?

    Inquiring minds know nothing!

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    • The stock has had very little activity in past several days during the run up. Ignorant, unsophisticated retail buyers who buy stocks based upon cash, no debt, and a bunch of patents that give them hope that MBLX has game changing technology that will make them filthy rich. They ignore history and refuse to do their homework. You'll find the same people playing the slots.

      The only hope for this stock is if Jack Schuler was able to put Eno in timeout, and gave him some legos to play with in the corner. If Eno still running things, then stock is going down. If Schuler was able to get control, then MBLX could turn the corner.

      Some thing has to give in the very near future since MBLX is running out of cash. I have to believe that new CEO or Chairman is going to be announced or MBLX sold before year end. I don't think Eno would be able to raise $25 to $50 million via yet another secondary offering given his track record.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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