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  • wrutka wrutka Jun 18, 2013 12:01 PM Flag


    Not that you really care but you kind of questioned my credibility and maybe my identity last week so to make life a little more interesting I bought 2000 shares at 1:58PM yesterday at $1.49 and will sell at 12:02 PM for +$200 profit. Dude I am not the enemy. I'm just a trader by nature who looks for down stocks with high upside potential.

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    • evci-man, should we still sell for $200 or keep averaging? I tried to call the bottom, but the buyer yesterday doesn't seem to be coming back. Not becoming a bagholder. Are you still in?

    • If you get lucky, they won't do the big dump before $1.72, although they know that we already know their plan and are anticipating that $1.72 dump. That's why I am trying to unload now while talking the stock down. It's obviously a terrible company and they are simply holding the stock up. It's much harder to sell while it's going down and people are trying to pump it up. Insiders can have mine and enjoy them a penny at a time.

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      • I had my decomposing fishline out there with a sell limit price of $1.60 for quite a while and no bites on 2,000 shares. I then had to keep changing my bait before my line fell apart and ended up with a partial order executed at $1.56 and finally ended up with an insignificant gain of barely $100 when you figure in the commission. It was like fishing all day and ending up with 1 fish to feed the family.
        We need the miracle of the loafs and the fishes here or how about the one where the water turned into wine. That one seems more appropriate.
        A miracle is defined as an effect in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers. Based on this companies track record some real commercial progress would seems to surpass Management's powers but stuff can happen and somehow I still believe in miracles.
        The next 10-12 months should be interesting.

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