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  • italian_irishman italian_irishman Oct 18, 2007 3:44 PM Flag


    This is almost too funny. I went back to February and the first post I chose was this one from Retiredtechie's arsenal of misdirected prognostications. I can't even make this stuff up. There are dozens more. Stock price on February got it $16.00. "20's and 30's" "quarter after quarter" You are the best Retiredtechie! No conscious whatsoever.......or Alzheimer's!

    Enjoy below:

    "Response: RT To Gverza On ANGN (Not rated) 21-Feb-07 03:28 pm Gverza:

    Sell target???? Whey would you even think about selling ANGN. The party here has yet to start in my opinion. I've been into ANGN ever since the 4's and 5's in early 06 and frankly, I have not even considered a "sell". I generally maintain and add through a 24-48 month window when I have a good thing going - - - and Lord knows ANGN has plenty of upside remaining. Do yourself a favor and buy more of its shares. Its still a great "strong buy" as I see it. Quarter after quarter outstanding performance is going to have its shares into the 20's and then the 30's. Believe me, I have very good reasons to be optimistic when it comes to this stock.

    Cheers and good investing,
    Retiredtechie "RT"

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    • Glorious:

      I'm sorry that I've been unable to keep up with my portfolio postings for you over at The factor of age and family issues have taken their toll on me. I do, however, appreciate your nice compliment regarding the success I've enjoyed with many of my micro cap med-tech holdings.

      I'll try to bring you up to speed with my current holdings. They are in no particular order the following:


      In order to be fair, I think you will find some of these stocks have underperformed my expectations from my points of purchase, however, I continue to hold them for the long term which for me is 24-48 months. Those underperforming stocks include DRAD, SURG, CAMH.OB, NURO and BVX but please understand I continue to have confidence they will ultimately propel themselves forward for sizable gains. As you most likely know, I'm strictly into these issues for the long term unless I get cut off by buyouts which happens from time to time. My current two favorites at the moment are ANGN and TTG and either of these could potentially be bought out by larger companies in the short term.

      I hope this helps you to some extent and good luck.

      Cheers and good investing,
      Retiredtechie "RT"

    • Since you like to focus on short term movement as a basis for investing, it seems that ANGN held its own (0.56% up) pretty well today considering the beating the rest of the market took. It was one of only 3 stocks in my portfolio that was up.

    • Italian_Irishman:

      You simply refuse to understand the principles behind long term investing but that's okay - - to each their own - - and I wish you well.

      Cheers and good investing,
      Retiredtechie "RT"

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