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  • luckyandsmart luckyandsmart Mar 11, 2009 10:36 AM Flag


    Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would get here. Lesson learned.

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    • I know.

      It is unnerving at times to get no news while an investment continues to drift lower. I guess we just have to hope and pray that Dr. Lewis and Mr. Bagley have the solution in hand.

      3 drugs in the pipeline with a 12.87 M market cap. Unless there is a negative event that is unknown to us, this is very cheap.

      Still hopeful we get an upside surprise here.

    • huh...yeah you're right. Not sure where I got the $7 million number from.

      Is it weird that we haven't received the 4Q numbers yet? 2 more weeks and it's April...

    • Financial Highlights
      •Cash at 9/30/08:$15.2 MM
      •Primary Shares:~ 21 MM

      I think they are burning about $1 million per month. PICASSO should be ending right as they are on fumes. (unless a material event occurs this year)

    • but they would only need $5. Their cash burn is very low. If I remember correctly, they had less than $7 million in cash end of 08 and that money will last them into 2010.

      Plus, maybe I am just overly optimistic, but I think the plus side is so huge that the dilution would not hurt much in the long run. At least not for people with avg prices around a buck.

      I agree it's not ideal...

    • I would say I am not in the least happy about our present status... but not surprised.

      It seems that ZIOP is more looked as a FLOP.

      hardly any news or developements talked about.

      Bios' are not really in favor either so this does not do us well... but it does seem that ZIOP just cannot get any traction anywhere.

      would love to be a fly on the wall to at least know that upper management thinks about this company at least on a daily basis.

      I hold this darling @ $5.15 so need i say more about the feelings ZIOP has given me

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      • we have just drifted down from $0.80-0.90 on almost no volume. In my opinion, this is as a significant buying opportunity. L&S: remember Iomai drifted down to $0.72 before the buyout at $6.60. It seemed like management didn't care, but all the while, they were working behind the scenes on a lot of deals that eventually boosted the stock price and led to the buyout.

        I think at some point we just have to trust these guys. They seem to be incredibly smart and I'm sure they're doing whatever is necessary to ensure ZIOP is ultimately a success.

        $5.15 though...that is tough. I would load up at $0.50 if I were you...

      • I know. The problem is as the cash burns their bargaining position weakens. I continue to question if ZIOP needs its current headcount. I think the science side has progressed(remember they have 3 programs) but the business side has been a total washout.

        ZIOP acquired ZIO-101 (organic arsenic drug) 4 1/2 years ago. It is hard to believe that nobody has expressed an interest in partnering that compound based on its better tox profile etc. I just don't get it.

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