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  • luckytrufflepig luckytrufflepig Aug 31, 2012 10:16 AM Flag

    At some point

    you would hope Kirk would phone a friend and have them lend a hand to the long-suffering villagers here. The shelling continues and the civilians continue to perish as the big boys play their games.

    CMON Kirk---in the end you, FIDO and then Baker Boys will be the only ones to reap the rewards of your "master plan" whatever that is. 10MM short for months and Kirk continues to Fiddle while ZIOPVILLE burns.

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    • Rich people care about nobody but themselves

    • I have no sympathy for your 'villagers' if they don't have the brains / balls to not sell. If you have been watching the ticks, the down volume is all the 100, 200 share trades (your villagers). The up ticks have been large trades, some as high as 50,000 shares.

      You should be thanking Kirk for building something that is going to reward the patient.

      And you really don't have to wait much longer. You get final Pali Phase II data in Sept, and the Pali Phase III by year end. Plus I would be shocked if there is not at least rumor - if not an outright announcement of a partnership by October.

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      • Yogi-

        I have both sympathy and empathy for my villagers. Many folks have been here for years and have heard the rumor mill churn and churn with little tangible progress re: commercial partnering. I have lived thru 8 dilutions waiting for the deal that would once and for all stabilize this issuers share count. Part of the short is likely based on the 8 million wts out there from one of these earlier rounds. All I can tell you is that many folks are in the process of moving on as few want to live thru the binary event unless the balance sheet is fortified thru a partnering. ZIOP does not have the scale to run more than one large program and SCLC would eat up all resources. They need a partner both for capital and bandwidth. .

        I can't thank Kirk yet because he is a long way from building something that is going to reward the patient---at least based on public-ally available information. Do you know otherwise?

        Kirk's arrival here has been a mixed blessing for regular shareholders(those not "in the know"). To his credit Kirk has provided much-needed capital, brought in a few anchor investors and likely brought JPM into the mix. To his detriment "the world's best biotech investor" has kept any progress on synthetics a deeply guarded secret. I understand his hesitation to publish much due to an issue that occurred at last year's analysts' day. My real peeve is that the stock remains quite borrowable which means Kirks, FIDOs and others' shares are being freely lent out. These shares are not coming from retail margin so the only logical source is voluntary stock loan programs . Net net---the failure to lock down shares has likely kept a lid on ZIOP's share price.

        For me, the only reason I am still here is Dr. Lewis. The man has both intelligence and integrity---a rare combination among biotech CEOs. As for Kirk's ultimate plans who knows. I don't know him and can not even venture a guess as to his ultimate plans here. Partner Pali? Sell all of the legacy drugs? Roll ZIOP into Intrexon? Your guess is as good as mine.

        I will give you a single guess. I continue to believe Larry Norton comes thru in breast short term.

        Fingers, toes and hooves crossed.

        Have a nice holiday.

    • I am a buyer at 4.9 and below
      Nice Long Termer

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