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  • fcardinalli fcardinalli Dec 10, 2006 5:48 PM Flag

    Who is Charles H. Brandes and why did he buy 1.4 million shares of DRL?

    Could it be that a self-made billionaire knows a little
    more about value than the trash-taking know-nothings that
    put down DRL on this board. You have a search engine: input Charles H.Brandes and click. Don't bet the farm on DRL but buy some with a 3 to 5 year view.

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    • Who is David Dremen and why did he sell everything he owned in Doral a year ago, even before the C&D? Check him out on the internet; he's very astute.

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      • Watch Dreman on CNBC next time and tell me he's astute. He sold out all small cap financials in the last 6 months because his small cap manager resigned as of 12 /31 and Dreman knows a great deal about 25 stocks, and hates small caps. Having said that he road the GSE's-Fannie and Freddie- all through their debacles. Is he astute? Or, suffering from something else?

      • Meyer Rothschild has been credited with saying that the
        best time to invest is when there is blood in the streets.
        Dreman is a great investor, yes but every time I buy a stock thinking it will go up I understand that I am buying it from people who are probably equally convinced it will
        go down. As for DRL: there is blood in the streets, but is
        this it real or an illusion? I say hang in there.

    • Doral Financial Corp. Log In 2006-09-30 Add $4.54 - $6.71
      ($5.4) $ 3 -44% Charles Brandes Add 72% 1,464,425

      So Brandes bought in September for $5. Why does this make him look like a genius? He's down 44%.

      Even the best get it wrong sometimes.

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      • Back in 2001 or 2002 Warren Buffet bought USG at $15 before it went to $3 and some thought he had lost his mind. Then last year USG traded over $100 per share. Sometimes a good buy will go down before it goes up. I am not sure about DRL but with Moody's and Fitch having DRL rated as they do, I am not too concerned about the downside from here, and it certainly has a good upside. I too think the best deal would be to sell the whole thing now. That's my opinion.

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