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  • nomadinx nomadinx Oct 30, 2005 12:30 AM Flag


    Sold-out Wed on poor earnings. Switched into
    Fellows Energy [FLWE]. Gotta pay for the extra
    high cost of Natural Gas this winter. Catcha later,

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    • Every one has a right to their opinion. Mine is to put your filth on ignore...and I did.

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      • By: kamaaina3

        " Every one has a right to their opinion. Mine is to put your filth on ignore...and I did."

        I'm no saint, but that kind of trash has no place here or anywhere public. Ignore it is.

        Wall Street Has Not Spoken

        by: bottomsup891

        " This stock is not even on their radar. With institutional buyers leaving its only small time over the counter trading. "

        It may be on some institutional buyers radar...

        10/28/2005 (15:58 ET) SCKT: Downtrend Alert issued @ $1.14 -


        Sorry, but Dow Jones articles are only available through our Institutional service. If you are a Knobias Professional subscriber, you can read this article here.

        While I don't have access to this alert and it sounds very negative on the surface, I'll guess that it might also go on someones radar to check out the companies finances and perhaps look for the ( a ) entering point.


        Ghost Webinar / More Evidence Surfaces

        Being Halloween and all, I find it fitting to call the most recent Socket's webinar that vanished into thin air Socket's ' Ghost Webinar ". Boo!!

        I bring it up only because there was mention in that webinar of Socket B^ software that was going to be released in the next several weeks thats ' supposed ' to make getting connected to B^ devices earlier.

        Trying to put 2&2 together...


        "I have the Samsung i700 and have bought the Sockets Bluetooth SDIO card in hopes of using my Jabra headset. I see in the forums that this is not possible (circa 2004). Is it now? Or should I return to store."


        Hi Toddfrank,

        There is going to be an official update for Bluesoleil released within a couple of weeks. This may be the solution to your headset problem. However in order to test this with the 30 day return period, you will need to contact technical support. Technical support once contacted will provide you with a Bluesoleil patch specifically designed for headsets. Hopefully this will make your two products compliant with each other.


        Support Forum Administrator
        Socket Communications Inc.

        No Ones Mentioned It

        So I will. If one goes to the CC transcript, one will see ( page 12 ) that Kevin MIll's, Socket's CEO, states, " its our intention and plan to expand our B^ offering to have a wireless LAN starting in Qtr. 4 " , " we should be in a position in Qtr. 4 to offer our OEM customers the wireless LAN embedded solutions. "

        Thats something totally new and different, and if I remember correctly, is a reverse course of earlier commentary of getting in the business of embedding WiFi.

        Well hey Mr. Mills, thanks for sharing that part of your ' roadmap ' w/ us!

        Last but not least, Gateway Investor Services updated their report 10/28 to cover the 3rd Qtr.

        At the low low cost of only $1,750 plus incurred expenses!

      • I don't disagree with you on his overboard comments - but personally i am sick of Sock too

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