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  • letsrock2244 letsrock2244 Jan 31, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

    What does this company actually do?

    it was 50 million the day before.... I hope thurs it grows back toward that... it is now noticed by more people and the promoters web site says they will continue to promote for 2 weeks... but the gains will probably only be a week or less... but who knows.... the last time this outfit promoted this particular stock (and wiht same share structure) it hit .13 I'll be happy if it hits 5c but not surprised if it goes more... depends on volume.... and on investorshub GSPT board they showed proof of 22 mil shares shorted the last 2 days (only 57 mil float) and this thing is still up 1300% but in reality less % which is good... i.e. most people could not have bought below 1c as it moved up too fast Tuesday... so by now perhaps all the orignal holders sold, and we have new holders in at say .011 to .014 average.... so in theory most will hold for gains.... AND the shorts are screwed as they shorted it seems at .014 and below.... closed .0199 so margin calls on them... unless they weasel out of it somehow if they naked shorted... anywy I am hoping for big gains of course and holding 820k shares at .013

    Sentiment: Strong Buy