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  • tspcrew tspcrew Apr 19, 2012 11:49 AM Flag

    IHUB "sunspotter"

    Does anyone know who this "sunspotter" is on the IHUB board? He is a Nazi moderator and won't even allow intelligent debate regarding Emperial Americas. I'm assuming he's disenfranchised by the TEMN debacle or he's a fired employee of EA or VP. He's a very troubled individual, that's for sure. Probably some little pee-on who hides behind the anonymity of the internet. He post's stuff that sounds like a fifth grader having a temper tantrum but for some reason the owners of IHUB allow him free reign... Crazy stuff IMO

    Here's one of this post, can anyone make sense of it?

    I realise that as TEXX is in fact a pump and dump scam, this is all highly academic, but I do like to understand the story behind confidence tricks like TEXX.

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    • Why bother trying to figure out the intentions of an anonymous poster who got burned. The person is obviously not intent on showing any proof of anything, just empty rhetoric.

      This is why I am here and not there.

      He wishes that TEXX becomes what happened to TEMN, as misery loves company and the person would feel vindicated.

      None of the posts have any substance what so ever. It is akin to fortune tellers and mystics, such as the confidence tricks the poster uses themselves, its nothing but mind games, pay it no mind.

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      • Hey, itrade4cash, why is it that you only began life as a poster at the end of March and only on this texx board??? Do you have inside information that was born with texx??? Have you changed your name from when you were on the temn board???

        At this point I believe this is a pump and dump and real investors should be wary about these newcomers because their on there with a motive, to try to get the price up so they can dump it and rob you of your money.

        Its really criminal if its true and should be prosecuted!!!

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