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  • citrusnow citrusnow Nov 9, 2010 6:56 PM Flag

    Shlotterbeck Retirement a Joke!!

    This guy came out of retirement at Cardinal, to put together what is now Carefusion. He was only in it for the Stock, which he got Mega Millions of.

    Everyone internally knew it. Dave was a real positive Exec and the Perfect Image for Cardinal to Spin off Carefusion.

    Dave never intended to stay, just rip off the company for millions in stock, which they glady allowed, even the Board of Cardinal wanted this to happen just to get rid of Pyxis and Carefusion. It became a quik pkg deal. Kind of funny.

    Rosie totally messed up Cardinal Sales Force and got the Boot (aside).

    Dave is retiring very freaking Rich from this not so hard job for 3.5 yrs out of retirement. Figure he pocketed another 25-35 million.

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    • Look at his background. He never accomplished anything and was only ceo of Alaris a short time and got bailed out by the Cardinal acquisition.

      There better be an industry recognized rock star announced in Feb because NO ceo would make the following statement unless it was a done deal:

      Speaking to investors at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, Chief Executive David Schlotterbeck said the slate of candidates is very heavily weighted toward executives outside the company.

      "There are some heavy hitters," said Schlotterbeck, who is set to retire on Feb. 28. "A lot of them are calling this a plum job."

      He said that as early as next week, he expects to have a narrow slate so the board can focus on just a few candidates. He said the company would like someone with significant medical/technical experience. The job also requires to a lesser degree strategic and operational experience. (Reporting by Debra Sherman, editing by Dave Zimmerman)

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    • You're clearly a misinformed dupe. Schlotterbeck, as you state, retired clear back when Alaris was acquired by CAH.

      He had little desire to come back then, but got drug out of announced retirement by Bob Walter, then CEO and founder of CAH. Why did he come do as you state...sort of...wouldnt you? At the time of this "pulling out of retirement", there was no planned Carefusion spin, they didnt even own the carefusion business, nor was total jitbag, Kerry Clark around yet.

      If you want to hang this on someone, go after Clark. He was, and is, the consummate ripoff artist/corporate slut...insincere, self centered, only out for himself and a total jerk.

      Many of your claims are so misinformed and offbase, that it required a response.

      And its about time Rosenbaum got the ax...he's been milking his gig for years with little results. He totally screwed up the integrated solutions offering while his alleged marketing guru was busy getting him coffee and creating powerpoint presentations for him. Pathetic!

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