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  • tonytechs_2000 tonytechs_2000 May 17, 2007 4:31 PM Flag

    bqi is going up

    will bqi have oil to sell this summer? The answer is NO, so it does not really matter what oil prices do. Remember when BQI was over $8 and oil prices were lower back that is FALSE...there is no correlation with higher oil prices & BQI moving up. Why is BQI going down instead of going up when oil prices have been going up? Who knows when BQI oil will be sold on the market, it could be 2012 or later for all we know. BQI will move on when a JV is signed. For now, we got to hope that there is alot of oil on their land.

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    • So the pre-commercial extraction testing planned for this summer isn't going to produce any oil to be sold?
      Granted they may not have millions of barrels but there should be some revenue which may even affect the share price.

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      • They have billions of barrels (estimated up to 60 billion barrels and maybe even more?)

        Extraction is no problem, it just takes time to get ready - and a nice oil price. This is not going to be any problem.

      • No, that's not the point of the pre-commercial testing (hence the "Pre-commercial" part). But this is still a very good thing (for longs). I'll even go so far as to say we could make a ton of money on this stock without BQI ever making a single penny in revenue (if a buyout occurs). Right now, management is engaged in determining how much potential oil they have, the quality of the reserves, and the commercial viability of extraction. Thus, they are doing their best to provide CLARITY to institutional investors, potential JV partners, and potential buyers.

        So I wouldn't focus on revenues. I'd be looking at drilling results, which (if favorable) will atrract JV partners and even potential buyers. But nobody's going to buy this company until they know exactly what they are buying. Would you buy a car without knowing what it looked like, what kind of gas mileage it gets, etc.? Management needs to establish what the bigger picture looks like, and it's going to take some time yet. Be patient - if you're long you're sitting in a winner here.