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  • theefalcon theefalcon Jul 25, 2008 2:58 PM Flag

    Just a view

    Was this the plan then and now.
    Check around to see what oil may be about, yes a bit appears to be about. Check again yes a good bit more appears to be about.
    What next secure the rights to as much land at a low cost in the area as possible, may be a huge finding, would not want to miss it.
    Explore some more to get a better understanding of what oil could be about. Carry out some of those 3D tests. Oh yes.

    We do not want to run out of money, now we have got an independent report confirming things, should not be hard to find a reasonable size invester to put in the odd 50M or so to keep things in order, best not get into a JV just yet may give to much away.

    Its alright finding the stuff we need to get it out best get some experts on board, enter expert nr 1.

    Experts say we need the right extraction system, lets find the right system perhaps do a trial with some equiptment, but leave our options open, no point in getting in deep with anyone just yet. Bound to be improvements that can be made to the systems in oder for econmic extraction, what is the cost about $50 a barrel to extract, whats the cost about today $125 say, will it fall to $50 who knows (speculate).

    Looking ahead, we do not want any problems in the future with the local population, best to come to some arrangements, make sure all are happy. All sorts of things can be done Parks Schools, Transport, Hospitals and Housing the list is endless,

    Oh and maybe we get the use of a pipe line down to the USA.

    What are we going to do, do we go in with some one huge, sell out or produce the goods. One thing for sure the oil is waiting in vast amounts according to the results to date no doubt more lurking.

    Just a thought