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  • cephasalpha cephasalpha Nov 20, 2008 12:20 PM Flag

    I told you this dog was a scam!

    Yeah, I have something against a deceptive character who names himself, not "Mike Hunt" but Mike Hunt Reeks."

    You are a clown, that's your choice.

    I just get a great deal of entertianment from jerks like this guy.

    He rants against T. Boone Pickens, a typical "attack the messenger" move to be sure.

    I wonder what 'Mike Hunt" does for a living? You gotta love guys who criticize people who are enormously more sucessful than they are.

    In any case, these basher can have their day, even though they look stupid doing it.

    After all, they have this myopic view. This idiot blames Bush and Cheney for the past spike in oil. Never mind explaining to us why you think that, right, genius?

    And if that isn't enough nonsense, he bashes BQI, without of course mentioning all the oil stocks are down with the price of oil.

    It's amazing, that these clowns act as if BQI is the only stock down in this market. and no other forces are at work except what THEY claim: bad management, no real oil under the ground on BQI property, etc.

    And of course, like I said before, these jerks are so negative, they couldn't dream of any stock they like, couldn't pick one if their life depended on it.