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  • irc203 irc203 Oct 24, 2009 12:25 PM Flag

    The real numbers...

    I looked again. I misspoke. The resource report is in barrels of bitumen, a very heavy oil. It does need upgrading to convert it into a light oil. Regardless, the amount of oil is staggering. The great part about BQI's reservoirs is the lack of clay and inter bedding shale. Oil saturation is 80-92%, porosity is 36-39%, permeability is 5-22 darcies! With this quality of reservoir, you don't need the cap rock that is associated with production using SAGD technology. The recovery methods that are being developed will maximize production given the reservoir characteristics at lower energy input costs. Mark my words, wall street will be stunned by the production numbers and cost of production relative to production using SAGD methods in Alberta. Check out the September 2009 presentation comparing reservoir characteristics of Axe Lake compared to reservoirs in Alberta on BQI's website.