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  • dannywg dannywg Apr 17, 2011 10:03 PM Flag

    3 executives bought longterm call options called LEAPS on feb. 2nd and feb 3rd, check sec yourself!

    That means NO possible reverse split. hahaha bashers, the proof in the pudding

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    • I have owned shares for the last 3 or 4 months (110k sh at about .08?). I lightened up some a while ago, but then picked up more on the Epic and diet drug announcements. I was also thinking about selling a little at .25 but didn't. I think it can eventually move higher, especially with the high volume and the decent likelihood of more good news to come from multiple sources. I like to buy for the mid to long term but will take a profit here and there as I did with KV, although I still have about half my position.

    • I completely agree

    • let's see ... how about Priceline? PCLN

      they are up to $520 post 1 to 6 split

      If traders would spend more time on the DD, they'd be less spooked by the RS boogeyman.

      Sinking ships are another story, but a Company with new management ... first ever profitable quarter(s) ... positive developments and new product launches, etc. should not be worried about RS. There is no need for a RS at this point, at least not unless they decide to jump up to NASDAQ, etc. ... and that would be a good thing, right?

    • so you think elite is going to take 25% of the existing $40 million market? who is going to concede their market share?
      get real. and get busy apologizing for all the baseless claims you have been throwing around. "insiders bought leaps" -- yea, sure. that was a good one!

    • why this company going to R/S when they going to need those share. By next year they will trading over a dollar. Every quarter this company is profitible so its only a matter of time institution will invest on this company so were going to need all that shares.

    • If we just made 10 million a year off of phetermine, that would be 3 times what we make on lodrane. Huh, well figuring lodrane already makes us cash positive by itself so that would make us 300% cash positive. Bite that

    • phentermine doesn't have 'promise' as a weight loss drug, it has already been used for years. there is very little profit to be made there. the cnn article was talking about a combination drug that vivus is pushing which got axed by the fda due to safety concerns last fall.

      i'm putting the spotlight on the truth. can't help it if those are inconvenient truths for you.

    • ...we dont have a crystal ball...nobody really knows what this stock will do. Just speculate. IMO its a great risk/reward play. Even at .16 you can get in for 30k for $4800! Listen everyone thats chump change. Even if it tanked to $0 you could only lose 4800 (if you were asleep at the wheel) lol! Come on...have fun...dont invest too much...hold for profit.

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      • and take the risk :).

        with so much positive data compared to negative issue, I still don't understand with business logic behind the basher's mind here,.. it seems it is more easier for them to ride this co to make profit compared to bash it.

        remember 0.17 to zero is just 0.17,..spread

        but 0.17 to .... (you could fill it with your target price),.the limit is the sky,.. isn;t ?

    • Nah I can answer. Of course it could have serious consequences if neither of those 2 things take place. If the FDA announces it will remove 2 of your biggest money-making drugs, of course you will address it. The company has also stated that they WILL go forward under new management, even that in the filings they weren't sure that the merger would take place w/ EPIC, which it did. Next?

      What happens when Hydromorphone launches? When Naltrexone launches? Think they will really make $0 revenue with those drugs? Even if the diet drug market is so saturated as you repeatedly say, do you honestly believe they won't pull a profit at all w/ Phentermine? Check CNN about the article that says Phentermine shows promise as a weight loss drug. You are indeed a basher that never mentions positive news. Always trying to keep the spotlight on the negative, hence bashing.

    • could you provide us with a link, or direct us to where these options are listed? do you know what the strike prices were? these are simple questions that anyone with integrity would have no hesitation in answering.

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