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  • pumndmp pumndmp Apr 23, 2011 6:19 PM Flag

    Its so shocking to see the

    pumpers. Majority of them are from boiler room because one different post (not bashing, but fact writing like me) is getting 10plus replies in few seconds.

    However, fact is fact. Its your money and invest in it after reading the facts. Not just for speculation that may happen after couple of years, lets say 4-5 years on their phase III results. They not yet commenced it.

    They have only 2 next news on two drug launches. That may not happen in near.

    It has more vulnerable news (like Lodrane, more dilution) than the anticipation of 2 drug launch where ELTPs share is very meager in it. Iam not bashing. Just facts.

    Don't build fort on it and fall prey with OTC MMs.

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    • this is for pumndup . if you are not going to benefit from eltp why spend so much of your time knocking down this stock. if i didnt care about a stock or had no shares in it i would not write about. what is your motive..

    • missed this part?

      TPN also acknowledges that Elite may develop a generic product containing methadone of any strength (including the filing of an abbreviated new drug application relating to such product) and that nothing in the Settlement Agreement restricts Elite from developing, commercializing, manufacturing and distributing any pharmaceutical product similar to, or which may compete with, the Product or the ANDA filed in connection with the Product.

    • and what did the rest of it say. you remind me of my kids, you take the part of a statement that works best for you

    • I never got it. Why are you here again?

    • Thanks Codie, you refreshed this.. Read it again with your EyeGlasses on your both the eyes.

      "In addition, in consideration of Elite's agreement to terminate the Collaboration Agreement and to relinquish to TPN all rights and interest in the Abbreviated New Drug Application ("ANDA") for the Product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), TPN made a cash payment to Elite. """"""

      They gave up all the rights to TPN that includes ANDA for the product approved by FDA - its all for $500,000. It also shows they don't have any merit on the case.

    • Pump and Tel ELite is up 427% since January 1 2011.How can you argue that this stock has not begone its slow steady rise back to the top again. It was rising months ago with little volume and then as news from the company started coming in, investors really took notice and the stock has continued to gain ground. You guys are jokes on here.

    • some morons not able to digest the FACTS give 1 star so others can't see this? Good job pumpers.

    • Why are you here posting negative comments again? You know people can go back and read your old messages. Keep trying though. It is almost fascinating to observe!!!

      Why are you here again.

      • 5 Replies to pagiantmetknicksfan
      • pagian, just read the FACTS. facts in their SEC filing. Why Iam here is out of question, and why all these boiler room pumpers giving 5 stars to their own posting is the one you wanted to ask. I just wanted to caution the newbies not to fall in this trap. Following are the facts.

        (1) Both ELIs are in phase III and they could not find anyone to fund for the past 4-5 years for some reason. They have to get someone, initiate phase III - get success - file application - get approval - solid 5 years, IF they start tomorrow.

        (2) Recent drug launch + Next 2 drug launch. Lots of companies + Inventors. ELTPs revenue share is just minimal. Do your DD.

        (3) I don't see any more catalysts but can see quite a few negative catalyst including Lodrane's fate, another round of dilution (that will total around 800 million shares).

        Just do your DD and dont fall love in it. OTC MMs who are the larger preferred shared holders knew when to unload. They surely are unloading now otherwise you will not get these day volume. Aside, volume is gradually getting down, so its a sign of another dumping is just in reach.

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