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  • dem274 dem274 Nov 23, 2012 4:55 AM Flag

    Bear market started guys, we will rally to 14k but free fall from there.

    But I think since eltp does it's own thing, you already seen the worst i think, after a new bull market starts I am confident eltp will see a buck in due time. But near term for the market might get really rough.
    I will buy when I see the right pump opportunity. Till then genome you can hold your breath until I come back to you....

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    • demzilla is my man . BUY cheap n o w ... it's time for a ride baby!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Dem,

      How low the s&p will reach for this comming bear market (1200 ? or 1100 ?) by when(end of this year or end of next Janurary ) ?

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      • It's hard to say, I made a mistake on 14k, meant 1400on s and p, today was a strong day in the broad market, and we may have one more push up, then go back down, I do think 1100 might be near the next bottom, or the completion of the wave down. But we will see, today's price action was bullish, I will know more in a week. I subscribe to Elliott wave international, and they are so bearish, i pay 600 bucks for the analysis, they are saying 013 will be a bad year, if the monthly 200 day gets crossed by the 50 day, it will be bad. last time that happened was in the 30s and it took years to cross over. The last three years we have been testing a trend line since 74, it's acting as resistance. This time is critical, we might have one more push up, then we start a 3rd wave down, the most powerful of all patterns and will catch everybody off guard cause everybody is very bullish, they are calling Dow 15000. That's the worse combination, when the real sell off starts and people start buying cause they think it's a bargain. So I am watching closely, if we do break down, know you will be able to by the best stocks for cheap. Ford might be under 5 bucks when this is done....
        So next week I will know if today was a real follow through of a false flag.......

    • Yes I do remember your $5 dollar stock #$%$ years ago and the best Elite could do was .24 So dem did you sell while pumping I don't recall? Well I have been long the whole time but I am now about finished with elite. I recently sold 25% and may sell more soon i will wait and see. But at some point we all need to reevaluate our outlook on any company. I am not here to start a bashing war i am just looking a chart of the last 3 years and said "sell some" they had enough time to improve the share price. A high of .24 about 2yrs ago and in the last 12mos a high of .17 Thats not a good trend if it were going the other way i would be buying.

      OH YEAH, GREAT CALL ON "DEXO" .... NOT ............

      GET LOST ,


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