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  • darkside121275 darkside121275 Dec 7, 2012 10:09 AM Flag

    #$%$ Pipeline .0725 last

    Gash22, Pugimet, Koklod, Couchpeepee, Aquascum et al, load up, this will be a dollar by Friday, wait, today is Friday. The questions you clowners have never answered is.......Why is a company with a billion $ pipeline, selling for sub .10? Why do they lose $ every quarter? Why if they have such great things going for them are they not being bought out? Short answer would be, this is a POS that will never see .25 again and you are all bag holders. Aquascum, you were spot on, I dropped out of school in the 2nd grade, live in a shed on my dead parents property, weigh 600lbs and subsist on Burger King. Amazing what insight you have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you all have in the past year+ with all of the predictions that have come true from all of you pumpers. NOT.....time for another WHOPPER!!! AHOLES!

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    • those are all good questions. there are many, many, many more that our resident fluffers have not been able to answer, and those come directly from the financial statements and elite's own SEC filings. apparently they believe their ceo to be a liar because he is the one behind those statements and filings.
      FACT, elite's market cap is about half what it was when novel bought into elite and, due to dilution and the drop in price, novel has LOST over 95% of that investment.

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