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  • poormei poormei Dec 28, 2012 7:12 AM Flag

    Patent Update Dec 28.012

    13/379,481 Update Dec 28, 2012

    Projected Publication Date: 04/04/2013

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    • one step closer

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    • What is the patent for Poorme

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      • "We also have pending applications for four additional U.S. patents and four foreign patents. The pending patent applications are for an opioid agonist and antagonist products that Elite is developing to be used with controlled-release Oxycodone and other opioids to minimize the abuse potential for the opioids."

        13/379,481 is for the compressed microtablets of 0.25 mm to 1000 mm (250 to 1000 microns) specifically related to opioids and more specifically related to the ELI-216 technology for abuse resistant agonist/antagonist.

        20. An oral dosage form comprising an opioid agonist and at least one compressed microtablet that is coated with a water-retardant polymer, wherein said microtablet has a major dimension that is about 0.5 to about 3.0 mm and comprises at least about 0.01 weight percent of at least one opioid antagonist that is distributed substantially throughout said microtablet, and said dosage form releases no more than about 0.5 weight percent of said opioid antagonist within 36 hours when measured using the USP Apparatus I (Basket) Method at 100 rpm at 37°C in simulated gastric fluid for one hour followed by simulated intestinal fluid thereafter.

        21. The oral dosage form of claim 20 wherein the opioid agonist comprises oxycodone.

        22. The oral dosage form of claim 20 wherein the opioid antagonist comprises naltrexone

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    • look where the other one is. Stuck in a file drawer with the rest that turdboy claims they have....

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