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  • meifud meifud Mar 22, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    pumpers would rather be right than happy -- and they are neither

    because elite has only fallen 80% instead of the full 85% represented by that last penny of a bold prediction made almost two years ago by someone who presented serious questions about elite, our resident pumpers have somehow convinced themselves that they have been right all along

    well, the FACT that elite has NOT gone up at all as they had repeatedly posted would certainly suggest just the opposite, e.g., that they have been absolutely wrong all along, and wrong in the most important of ways in that they completely picked the wrong direction for the stock -- and that has cost them dearly

    and then we have all their assurances and predictions on the way down such as the many, many posts insisting that elite would never fall below .20 again, and then never below .17 again, followed by .14 and .12 and then, finally, the benchmark that got the most posts of all, the one that caught them up in name calling and angry insults and even threats -- their claim that elite would never, ever return to the single digits

    well, folks, lookie where we be...

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