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  • st0ckmaster st0ckmaster Sep 20, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    Fast decline approaching - back to baseline

    I have been following this stock for a while, and there is absolutely no substance for existing inflated stock price.

    The stock jumped from .10 to .16 (60%) in 2 days based on a product shipment announcement. Very weak information about the product line and quantity of shipment is available. Just that a shipment happened.

    This company supposedly released seven products in less than two and a half years but during that time the stock price remained .7 .8

    This company is in very bad financial shape

    They have zero revenue, less than $4.8 million in cash – almost $500k in liabilities and an increased net loss of $2.4 million last quarter

    The financials are the only facts we have at this stage, and they are alarming

    We have very little available information or certain facts out there to back the company, technology and products, only that they have generic prescriptions.
    There is absolutely no true analysis to quantify the massive spike that we have seen, this stock is completely oversold.

    The stock price is going to come down fast until the basic fundamentals of this company can be backed up by any reputational source and it can be trusted.

    There is a reason why they are still a minute penny stock.

    This is the same game being played over and over again. Look at previous spikes caused by prior articles, they came down pretty quickly since they have no substance.

    There are certain investors that benefit from these hypes. Their timing and press releases are immaculate, and they will leave you hanging.

    There are always a new stories to tell to create excitement.

    Whichever way you look this price surge is based on limited and unverified information.

    I know we all want stock to work in our favor, but sometimes the right decision is to walk away.

    Look at the history and decide for yourself.

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