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  • trader2326 trader2326 Apr 10, 2012 12:00 AM Flag

    argentina release

    Does anyone really underestand how big this is. Argentina has over 3,400,000 bee hives. If Bees Free machine takes care of 10 hives, this is a potential market of 340,000 machines. The company has always stated that their goal id the get 5% of the world market in the fourth year. If you read betwqeen the lines where is says that this is part of a much larger cooperation agreement, doesn;t anyone think upon completion of the test that the government buys the machines for the country. 5% of thw world market is 400,000 machines. They could get nearly all of that done just with Argentina. And since the test is 8-9 months countrywide I would imagine they would have an answer by the end of the test which could mean 3.5% of the world market year 2 with just argentina. Imagine if they add the EU or USA. THEY HAVE THE ONLY KNOW CURE. This is incredibly exciting. I bought more today and will buy more tomorrow. This is the kind of news that I was looking for. Not a 200-300 machine order, a jv with a govenment.

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