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  • wineman1864 wineman1864 Jul 27, 1999 6:17 PM Flag

    This is an OT post on a favorite stock

    I was first drawn to this stock because I buy
    their products. I'm staying in for the long haul
    because I feel that this company could become another
    perrier. (remember when we laughed at the idea of paying
    big bucks for bottled water?) If it doesn't work out
    that way, fine, but I don't think you can lose too
    badly at this price.

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    • yes, you can lose badly and yes, I don't pay much
      attention to analysts either, but indirectly or directly,
      stock prices do. Now if HCOW only earns .20 to .25 this
      year and only expects to earn .30 to .35 next year you
      better believe the price will suffer if analysts lower
      their expectations. If a major competitor enters the
      fray, or just lots of little local ones, you better
      believe earnings and the price will suffer.

      No, I
      am not a short, I am currently long (only 200 shares
      at 12 1/2) but I am concerned. I want to know why
      the price dropped on larger than usual volume
      recently. Does anyone know?

      If we start seeing .10
      per quarter as we are supposed to next quarter I will
      be much happier. Until then, or until we find out
      why the price dropped (previously we would see it
      drop on tiny volume) we are rolling dice.