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  • andy55q andy55q Nov 21, 2011 6:01 PM Flag

    STOP. Philip Verges

    Dallas, TX, February 16, 2007 - NewMarket Technology, Inc. (OTCBB: NMKT) updated shareholders yesterday at a presentation in Times Square, New York on plans to independently list subsidiary operations and subsequently issue subsidiary stock to NewMarket shareholders in dividend distributions. CEO Philip Verges released a letter to shareholders today detailing the plan announced at yesterday's presentation. The letter is included in its entirety below.

    The schedule below provides a list of the subsidiaries to be independently listed and the event that will trigger the dividend distribution. The third column in the schedule provides the estimated time to complete the dividend distribution following the trigger event. We have intentionally tried to buffer the estimates with extra time to accommodate for unanticipated hurdles in the process.

    The schedule is not in any order to indicate the sequential order of dividends nor the sequential order of public listings. We do anticipate that the next independent public listings will be NewMarket Latin America and NewMarket Broadband. The dividend of both NewMarket Latin America and NewMarket Broadband will be triggered by the subsequent reorganization of additional NewMarket assets into the respective companies. After the initial transaction resulting in the public listing of the Latin America and Broadband operations is complete, NewMarket will reorganize additional assets into each listed subsidiary. The reorganization will result in NewMarket garnering additional shares of each subsidiary which it will, in turn, register and issue to NewMarket shareholders. We are allowing 180 days to complete the registration and dividend process.

    Target Subsidiary Planned Dividend Trigger Event Estimated Duration Trigger to Issue
    Independent Listing

    NMKT China

    NMKT Latin America
    (OTC:PGNF) RKM Consolidation into PGNF
    Trigger +180 days

    NMKT Broadband
    (OTCBB: DMOI) RedMoon Consolidation into DMOI
    Trigger +180 days

    (IP Global Voice / Xiptel) Initial Listing

    NMKT SE Asia
    (Infotel) Reverse Merger

    (Pending Acquisitions)
    Reverse Merger


    We are enthusiastic about this next chapter in NewMarket's development and hope to see those that could not attend this week's presentations at one of our future presentations.

    Thank you,
    Philip Verges
    CEO and Chairman