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  • danjason2002 danjason2002 Jan 24, 2007 1:54 PM Flag

    Get out of market

    only safe stocks aer oil stocks right now, energy, market is overpriced, especially the dow, retail, home builders, even consumer staples.

    dump retail, holiday rally is over, now all u got is fat turkey retail stocks with high pe's and no room for error, all these stocks are in danger of 15% haircuts

    Abercrombie should be down but the dow is up saving its arss, hedgies are building short positons and goign to go short.

    This stock was a bargain in the 50's hell the stock touched sub 50 just few months ago, now its 80$$ 60% gain wow, time to sell, this stock is a fat turkey.

    Hurricane Snombie coming to a theatre near you.

    went to the mall, not much activity in abercrombie, i saw some cute models greet me but nobody wqs buying.

    need i remind u that same store sales DECRESAED in abercrmobie only got saved by hollister. hollister is not a big margin store it sells crap abercrombie 2nd rate stuff to compete with american eagle but the stuff is crap

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