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  • msch8864 msch8864 Mar 3, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    Did liberal democrats and Unions cause global warming...

    The news out of Bejing is that an entrepreneur is selling fresh air by the can. Another story is the bankruptcy of Detroit. Both have the same source... Democrats. It was the democrats and their mafia unions that destroyed America's manufacturing infrastructure. This is what sent pollution overseas. It was corrupt government officials. The Democrat party has always been the party of pure corruption. Hence Obama.

    Their last gasp is cap and trade. Now that they're utterly ruined America, they seek to bleed the last few nickles out of people's pockets. Al Gore, liar with a nobel. Corruption capitalist.

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    • Socialism at work. In Detroit what we are finally seeing and from a Republican governor no less, is a recognition that Detroit's problems are Michigan's problems, and it's about time.

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      • diego004 Mar 3, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

        Interesting spin Hiram. How is the state getting involved in Detroit socialism at work? Detroit's problems are only Michigan's problems to the extent that a non-functioning city in any state has spillover effects.
        The main problem in Detroit as far as gov't is concerned is the City Council which is corrupt and self-serving. In the past, any time an "outsider" tried to help the city of Detroit, council members would cry racism. The Emergency Financial Mgr is the solution of last resort for the governor dealing with a bunch of knuckleheads in the City Council.

      • This is pretty much the way it's always worked. After the democrats have bankrupted a city, republicans have to come in and take over. I used to actually be a democrat operative in my home town. I couldn't stand it. EVERYTHING was always about palm greasing. Even though these people were willing to spread the wealth with me, I couldn't stand being around them.

        The democrats shut down The Bethlehem steel works, Hannah Furnace, most of great lakes shipping. They shut down Dupont, several chemical companies. At one point, in 1972, union steel workers were making the equivalent in todays dollars of $100 an hour working a 42 week year. I know people who retired with 2-3 years paid vacation owed them. The union stewarts ran operations where the gate guards let trucks through as they looted factories. At Niagara Mohawk, a company run by Albany democrats, they were selling new copper wire to scrapyards and laundering the money through race tracks.

        That was when I quit. As a Catholic who grew up on guilt, I couldn't stand being around these people. They were the sleaziest, slimiest, grimiest #$%$ holes on earth. The USW actually built a brand new 12,000 square foot union hall the year Bethlehem went out of business.

        So now we have the **igger. He can steal the rest of the money.

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