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  • lumpen_proletariat lumpen_proletariat Apr 10, 2013 9:42 AM Flag

    This morning ANF benefitting from Fed manintaining high unemployment levlels.

    Look at retail rally on the back of Shalom Bernanke promising to keep devaluing the dollar. 52 week high coming! That CitiBank/Obama budget keeping the Warren Buffett loophole in place helping too.

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    • I am not understanding how easy money is good for the teen trtailers. Unemployment.....REAL unemployment is going up. Competition is beating up ANF. They are pretending that non domestic sales are good but it is not. ANF is closing stores and dealing with declining same store sales. The only thing driving ANF stock is hedge fund manipulation and some short covering. ANF results will be painted to be good and the fact that ANF is way overpriced will be ignored. This teen retailer is sitting on alot of dead inventory and is not managing markdowns well at all.....But it does not matter.....The market continues to go up and up....

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      • In case you are wondering. The "dealers" are getting their discounted bonds at 9:30 am. This is why the POS American markets and this turd are at the near day high level now and the dollar is dropping.

      • Here is how it work Jacob Lew/Geitner sells your debt at a discount to Blankfein and his cronies in the morning. This #$%$ them marks the bond up and sells it to Bernanke at lunch. The then uses the "profit" to borrow at 35:1 to buy the means of production and dumps that onto the dumb goyim's 401k plans. When the #$%$ hits the fan he has a mansion and control of the government and the U.S. assets and you are forced to liquidate your savings to eat.

        This is why this turd goes up. Same as the two U.S. bubbles. Same as when Europe transferred their war debt to Germany in 1917.

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