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  • msch8864 msch8864 Jul 9, 2013 1:08 PM Flag

    Will whites riot if Zimmerman is found guilty?


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    • diego004 Jul 9, 2013 2:10 PM Flag

      "Can't we all just get along." :-P

      Where's the love for our brother "the creepy #$%$ cracker"?

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      • One thing I find interesting about racism is it's defined as whites and blacks. It doesn't matter that blacks are twice as racist as whites. In the O.J. Simpson case we learned that the courts are stacked against white people in cases involving race. The Zimmerman trial has been absurd. The presumption of innocence is gone. White people are rarely presumed innocent and liberal society.

    • Zimmerman is a "latino" Unfortunaly he left a country even more socialist than the moeny lender run U.S and its degenerate racist press, so he is fair game, so he is labeled a "white"

      Look around, brain dead drones like Hiram accepts the California discrimination against the coolie descendant Chinese (whose sin is that their race turned their back on marxism in their home country) in favor of the corrupt mexican culture that accepted 75 years of single party "progressive" rule under the PRI. After all, these browns benefited from state own power, phone, oil, rail, and land (the "indians" were deemed intellectually incapable of run the lands confiscated from the church)

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